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Since finding the photo of Liberty of London fabrics framed in embroidery hoops at Purl (see post here), I’ve been meaning to try the idea. Here’s my interpretation with some embroidered birds on linen. I painted the hoops matte black. But I think that these would be great unpainted or painted with different bright colors and used in a child’s room.

I simply hooped the fabric and cut the excess, so this was a quick and easy project. I plan to add more to this grouping, mix in some plates or find some flea-market style small round mirrors. I embroidered the birds myself, but I think that vintage handkerchiefs would make a great display. You can find lots of vintage handkerchiefs online here and here.



I’m not one for fussy centerpieces but instead like something simple, artfully arranged that will last a while.  Right now we have some squash and pumpkins, a couple of low candles, and bundles of wheat decorating our table.  I made a runner from burlap that was leftover from the scarecrow.  I keep seeing the Martha Stewart pumpkin candles and wish I had a grown-up occasion to light some candles.  Seems like the guidelines when it comes to centerpieces are: keep it simple, keep it low and avoid overpowering fragrances.  Glittered pumpkins on a silver platter, glass bowls of acorns, several small vases of hydrangeas and berries.  I think the only essential is that you have candles, and the more the better. 

And if you have a sideboard, don’t forget to display those beautiful desserts so your guests can save some room.  How about this apple spice cake baked in a pretty bundt pan?  Yum.