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Works on paper and a couple made from paper. Here’s a quick post about some artists who have caught my attention lately.


Simone sent me the link to the lovely paper dolls by Portuguese artist Ana Ventura. You can purchase her postcards as seen above here (don’t trust me on the euro conversion, but I think you can purchase these for under $7).


Another paper artist, Patricia Zapato of A Little Hut creates wonderful cut paper images like Hiding, above (8″x10″, $35).


Just added the Etsy shop of Creative Thursday to my new Etsy Favorites page. A print of buttercup (8.5″x11″), above, is available in her Etsy shop for $35.




I’ve added a page of resources for fabric, well-designed original items, and handcrafted goods. Like these pillows by Kstudio, which are available at ReForm School here.

See all resources here. I’ll be updating this frequently and welcome suggestions!

Skip the candy and plastic junk.  Here are some stocking stuffer or Hanukkah ideas:

Mittens from Liz Jones Handmade, $22.  Available in her Etsy shop here.

turquoise-horned monster mittens

Hair clips or ponytail holders from Meeting Street Designs, $12.25 for the set pictured below.

My Little Friends - Seven Days of Fun - Adorable and Fun Ponytail Holders for Little Girls

This stamper necklace from The Small Object, $24.

Mushroom pocket case, $20 from Gifts Define.

A couple of nice handmade items, maybe some underwear and socks.  Eva’s favorite present one year was a flashlight!  Don’t think my kids won’t have some Disney princess stickers in their stockings.  Our kids are the smallest victims of our consumer culture and my four-year-old actually CRIED for princess underpants.  My mother says that they received oranges and nuts in their stockings when she was a child.  We’ll try that this year and see if there’s a revolt.