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Since I updated our playroom, I wanted to make something that the girls could use so I decided to make a checkerboard quilt using this flower fabric from IKEA and some striped fabric that I had on hand. I quickly realized that a checkerboard has 64 squares! I cut 3″ squares and made the top. I then decided to make things more difficult by making the reverse side a tic-tac-toe game board. This was a little tricky, so I decided to just use one piece of fabric and delineate the squares with the stitching. There is a lot of math in quilting. Argh.



But I am enjoying my first attempts at quilting. I love to come up with a design and piece it together. I’m having a little trouble putting it together and finishing the edges. You can see on this project I finished with the fabric from the reverse side. I can see why this is not the recommended quilting method because you would be much less likely to get puckering with a separate piece of fabric.  But I was too lazy to cut binding.


We went to the craft store and bought some unpainted wooden chips for the checkerboard pieces, which we painted green and blue. We couldn’t find Xs and Os, so we went with hearts and stars instead and painted those as well. I think it would be nice to make a pouch for the game pieces and ties to roll up the board and take it with you.


OK, so if I write a post about the quilts I plan to make, does that mean I’ll actually get to them?  The projects are stacking up, but I found some beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabric today (pictured at right).

I wouldn’t really consider myself a pink roses kind of person, but this fabric is bright and clean and I was immediately drawn to it.  I have been planning to make quilts for the girls from old baby dresses — a way to recycle and pass something along.  So I saw a copy of Quilt Pink magazine (available at your local quilt shop) which is a publication of Better Homes & Gardens to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Have you noticed that this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  Talk about the power of women and PR. 

Anyway, this lovely magazine has a beautiful applique rose quilt pattern in it:


So I think I’ll try to make a small quilt for each girl and back it with the roses fabric.  With both girls’ birthdays in December, the holidays and a trip to Hawaii coming up, we’ll see if it happens.  Look for my finished quilts sometime next year!  Did I mention that I’ve never made a quilt before?